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There is fun knowing you are going into a book and certain things will happen. You know that Eve and Roarke will have a few romantic evenings during the book and Eve will catch the bad guy. Eve is primary on the scene as she sees the victim die but doesn’t see the actual cut that bled out the gossip columnist in the bar. As the case progresses we find out that no one liked the dead woman and it comes out she has been blackmailing people and making a tidy amount of money for herself in the process. By the end you find out why the victim is the way she is and the reader is reminded that Eve will get justice for her no matter the type of person she is.

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Clean Room, Volume 1: Immaculate Conception

by Gail Simone, Jon Davis-Hunt, Quinton Winter, Todd Klein, Jenny Frison

A reporter has been trying to investigate a cult of a self-help guru that some of her followers kill themselves for no apparent reason. Chloe lost her fiancé to Astrid and her group and she will not stop until she finds the reasons for it. By the end of this collection you have some idea of what the cult is about but no real conclusions. It was a bit too creepy for me so I don’t think I’ll be picking up the next one.

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When a princess doesn’t speak her royal parents will do anything to get her to talk. A tiger takes them up on the offer and gets her to talk. A simple kids story with very good art.

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This one has Maika looking for more info about the what is inside her and you find out more about her family. You get flashbacks of her as a child with her mother and meet her goddessfather , a pirate that helps her move find the island she needs to get to for more answers. You do find out more about the monster inside her and at some point we are going to find out more about her father. As usual the art is amazing in this book.

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I enjoy reading Saga even though it likes to kick you in the feels. It reminds you over and over that life isn’t fair especially when you are on the run from the government. And yet the deaths in the last issue of this one were the worst. Bounty hunters are still after them, the tree needs fuel and Prince Robot still want to get to his son. The overall plot doesn’t move and this is more of the time spent in one place but since this is Hazel telling the story of her life it makes sense since she makes friends on the comet.

Overall a great read and now I have to wait for the next collection.

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This story arc does some jumping back and forth through time and give the backstory on Red Tool. There is still a hanging plot thread that is introduced in this book that doesn’t get resolved by the end of it. Power Girl does make a cameo in this one book as well to help defeat a baddie that thanks to Harley and Red Tool going down in the tunnels in an earlier book made it possible for the baddie to get out of his prison down in the tunnels. A fun read and I’m interested in what happens with the one plot thread that was left hanging in this book.

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The second book starts a few months after the Discount Armageddon. Dave’s Fish and Strips is now a burlesque club that features the cryptids so the customers think it is all fake. But not everything is right. The Covenant is coming to town to check on Dominic and get ready to purge NYC of the cryptic population. Verity does come do a decision about living two lives in New York as she is working hard to protect the cryptid population and gather forces that can fight back against the Covenant while the ones that can’t fight try and flee or find safety somewhere. A good conclusion to this story arc and the next book will feature one of Verity’s siblings.

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This novella needs to be read after Penric’s Mission otherwise you will miss the entire setup of how Penric got to where he is. He is still traveling with the brother and sister he met in the previous story and they have one more town to travel through and a short trip before they can cross the border to safety. But to do this Penric must rely on his demon to help him craft a plan of escape and misdirection. Lots of good chuckles throughout the story and as usual Bujold crafts a wonderful story.

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The Martian Queen has been mothballed for a long time and a few people see this a gold mine waiting to be plundered. But all is not right with the ship that Saga has been hired to raid. Her boss knows secrets about the ship because she has been there before with another crew and has an agenda that she hasn’t shared with Saga or her husband. This is a tight story that goes from space piracy to something else in the end. A good story and possibly a nice setup to a future story but isn’t needed for closure to this one.

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This is a collection of one shots of Harley paired with various people. The most off the wall pairing was with Lobo. So, for the most part you get to see her interact with different people that normally she wouldn’t cross paths in her regular series. Overall it was an ok collection but not necessary to read to keep up with the story line.

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This is a new series from John Scalzi and I haven’t been disappointed with his books yet. The setup is there is a vast empire that relies on “The Flow “for FTL travel. But the Flow is moving away from where it has always been and only a few people know that the empire that is built on the travel and trade using the Flow is coming to an end. When the new Empress takes the throne she never expected to inherit and had only a few months of training before her father’s death she is only given a small clue by her father about what will happen. As the few people that do know what is going on try to get to her and somehow mitigate some of the collapse to their society when the Flow ends.

The book was interesting and a solid setup for more books to come. Will be interesting how it proceeds from here.

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This is first in a new series with Eric Flint and newcomer Alistair Kimble. The action takes place in the Chicago area and it seems there is a cult kidnapping and sacrificing people to bring their god into our world. As Agent Jasper Wilde is joined by an agent out of the DC area that works for a division he has never heard of before they try and stop the cultists from killing anyone else and maybe stop whatever it is from coming into our world. They do find allies that have been fighting against these monsters for a long time and use their help to beat back the evil.

A solid good story and a nice beginning to what hopefully will be a long and fun series.

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2 PM A J Hartley
2:30 PM Patricia Briggs
4 PM Clay and Susan Griffith
5 PM Melissa F Olson

Noon Delilah S Dawson
1 PM Kim Harrison
3 PM Jack Campbell
4 PM Jane Yolen
5 PM Myke Cole
6 PM Cherie Priest

10:30 AM. Jonathan Maberry
11:30 AM Claudia Gray
1 PM C Robert Cargill
2 PM Gail Z Martin
3 PM Faith Hunter
4 PM Scott Sigler
5 PM Fran Wilde

Table Two The Baen Publishing Signings

4 pm Larry Correia
5 pm David Afsharirad
6 pm D.J. Butler

Noon 1632 Signing (Eric Flint, Charles E. Gannon, Griffin Barber, Alistair Kimble)
1 pm David B. Coe
3 pm Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon, Cody Martin
5 pm Black Tide Rising (John Ringo, Gary Poole, Eric Flint, Jody Lynn Nye, Kacey Ezell, Mike Williamson, Christopher Smith, Mike Massa)
6 pm Forged In Blood (Mike Williamson, Larry Correia, Mike Massa, Kacey Ezell, Christopher Smith)

1 pm Les Johnson
2 pm Charles E. Gannon
4 pm Straight Outta Tombstone (David Boop, Larry Correia)
5 pm John Ringo
6 pm Timothy Zahn

10 am David Boop
11 am David B. Coe

1. Do you have to buy a book to get something signed? No, but it sure would be nice if you did.
2. How many can I get signed? Limit 3 items and then back in line please so everyone has a chance.
3. How long will they sign? About an hour
Visit our website sit at www.themissingvolume.com
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This collection covers the story arc Black Mould. Semi sentient mold is attacking people and the only thing they have in common is the landlord. I like this one because we get Sahra throughout the entire story. Also Peter uses chemistry along with magic in this story to try and solve the problem. The one shots at the end of the collection are good as always but you need to have read through Foxglove Summer to know everyone they refer to. Overall a fun read and barely enough to keep me going while I wait for the next novel.

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After only reading this comic when someone shares it on social media I knew I would enjoy this and boy was I right. I wasn’t planning on tearing through it in one read but it was impossible to stop. Now I need to get the rest of the comics. I didn’t feel at all left out since this isn’t the first collection. Most of these comics are self-contained and self-explanatory. Brain is being logical and heart lets his emotions take control. A fun and entertaining read and I now need to pick up more of them.

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This collection is a set of stories told from the villains of various series. Most are the main antagonists of ongoing series so if you are a fan of the writers collected here you will be in for a treat. Most of the stories are new to the collection. The Jim Butcher story is a reprint from another collection but it fits the theme here perfectly. Several of the stories were set in new to me universes but for the most part gave a good taste of the settings they used. The Seanan McGuire story is an Incryptid one and gives great background on cuckoos and just hammers home why Sarah is so different. But the best surprise in here was the Lilith Saintcrow story about Perry’s origin. I was glad to get another peek into this story universe even if it was a short story.

Overall this is a good collection and there will be plenty of stuff for fans of various universes. And if you want a sample of what makes the bad guy sometimes the more interesting than the hero of the story try this out.

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My library was offering several short stories as audio books so I gave it a try.

I read a lot of Seanan’s McGuire’s stuff and I wasn’t disappointed in this at all. It is a standalone story and give a good sense of what makes a great writer. The story covers a teen girl whose mother is a real mermaid with the carnival she travels with. As the story unfolds you find out that this is the only life she has ever known and everyone is family. But they have returned to a town they haven’t been to in 17 years and some people have a long memory. A good buildup and a bittersweet ending to this story.

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Vampires are out to human thanks to a synthetic blood and they even have their own division in the police force to deal with crimes that revolve around them. Alex is a mummy that works in this dept. Most people don’t realize he is one and some assume he is a vampire. He has a vampire partner that was made back in the Roman heydays. Poisoned synthetic blood is hitting the market causing vampires the go into a killing rage. Alex and Marcus work at finding out who is behind it along with trying to find a vigilante vampire killer. A third plot string is an Ancient vampire has come to town and Marcus needs to find out who it is since he wasn’t notified as custom. A lot of story jammed in here and it all works out in the end. There is backstory built into this first book so you know there is more going on and it seems it will be revealed as the stories come out.

A good enjoyable urban fantasy police procedural even if they did some things off the books. I look forward to more books in this setting.

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No spoilers on this one. This book starts out with a karaoke bachelorette party and things are going great but this is a Toby book and that will not last. Amandine shows up and demands that Toby do her detective thing and find her older half-sister that she doesn’t know and has been missing for over 100 years. Things that have been hinted about for in previous books are stated outright in this one. There is a prophecy that has been hinted at in the series that is mentioned in this one. Toby’s mother will never win any awards as mother of the year and even with her saving Toby’s life in previous books you have to wonder even more about her in what she says and does in this book.
As much as I like Toby I think I like the Seawitch even more. Luidaeg has gotten the short end of the stick thanks to geas placed on her. She does what she can within the framework that she is bound to and she tries very hard in this book to do it.
I really need to do a reread especially on everything that Amandine shows up in. And for the reader there is a bit of a reminder of past books in this one. Actions from previous books always seem to shape the future stories in this series and that is a good thing.

There is a novella at the end told from the viewpoint of April O’ Leary and Toby does make and appearance in it. All I will say is reread A Local Habitation to remind yourself of things that happened to get the best out of this story. I do admit that I really like the extra stories at the end of the books lately and that they are a different viewpoint character in the series is just the cherry on top.

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This novella is set in three parts. First dealing with the aliens and finding out who they are. Marianne is the scientist that has found DNA evidence of a newly discovered mitochondrial DNA sequence that the aliens are very interested in. The second part deals with a few years after the aliens left with a few people with this DNA sequence and in exchange they have given us technology that we can build our own ships and come to them. The Earth is also dealing with worldwide disaster from passing through a giant spoor cloud that the aliens warned us but didn’t have the technology to stop it. The third section deals with the spaceships almost being completed. As much as you would think this is a tech story this is more of a people story and how persons and people as a whole react to all of these changes.

A good solid read and I’ll be interested to see where it goes next.

Digital review copy provided by the publisher through NetGalley

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