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This is a short story collection that has some new stuff and some old stuff. Half of this can be read without having finished everything that is out so far but the last half does spoil Staked and there are warnings. This is not all of the short fiction set in this world but most of it. The POV characters do change with some of the stories and the Owen one is really good. The first half fills in time before the start of the first book and some of the time that Atticus was training Granuaile. I like that not all the stories are all Atticus and that other people do not see him the way he sees himself.

This is a great book to read while waiting for Scourged to come out. And tracking down the other stories that were not added to this collection will make the time go faster.

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This is a short collection of stories that includes four pieces of fiction that have never been in print.  Several of the stories have a humorous bent to them and overall the stories are great.  If you haven’t read his stuff before this is a good starting point or if you prefer shorter fiction. Each story has a small illustration preceding it.

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1) Brazen – Subterranean Press 2013 Nick novella
2) Amityville Horrible – Subterranean Press Jaime/Jeremy novella
3) Chaotic – Hope/Karl novella from Dates from Hell, Hope’s 1st appearance in the series
4) Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word – Zoe short story from Expiration Date
5) Off-Duty Angel – Eve/Kristof story from The Hunter & The Hunted
6) The Puppy Plan – Logan Danvers novella from Gifted
7) Baby Boom – new Paige/Lucas novella

With only one all new piece of fiction this might not be the best buy for hardcore readers of Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld stories. But if you haven’t read the small press novellas or tracked down every anthology her work has been in or bought an electronic only version of a short story then this is a treat. I read most of her stuff and I still get a few new nuggets in this collection. This collection has a varied collection of POV characters and it covers almost all of the supernatural races that her world encompasses. Overall this was a great read and I’m sure at some point there will be another collection since I know there are more small press novellas out there.

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This is a collection of previously published and new material set in the Newsflesh universe. Most of these are novellas and two of them are brand new with one of them set after the trilogy and feature Shaun and George.  I've read most of the material previously but it was nice to read them all again. What made it nice was there is never the same main character over and over again in the stories. Mahir does show up in several but he is the main POV in only one of them.  If you are a fan, then you are picking this up for the last two stories and I have to say those are worth the price of admission. But I may be a little biased on that since I dearly love these books.  To pick this up cold it would be a good read but would ruin lots of the plot of the trilogy. The stories are mostly written chronologically with the Rise with the exception of "All the Pretty Little Horses" since it is one of the new ones.  The only problem I have with this is now I want so much more out of the universe.

Digital review copy provided by the publisher through Edelweiss

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This is a set of interlocking short stories that take place in Tel Aviv of the future. There is a space station above it so it is a hub of travel for people coming from the colonies to return home. The stories all are connected to one family that lives there. Most of the stories have been published before but a few are new to this collection.  It isn’t all life and death stories some are quiet gems about birth, death, and religion.  This isn’t a huge sprawling world you see, it is a close to home slice of the future and is rather fun to read how we will change as a society because of what we did when we fought wars, came up with new technologies and met new species.  I did like that even in the far future there were still book collectors. And enjoyable read and makes me want to pick up more of the author’s stuff.

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I have read and reviewed several of the novellas collected here as either standalone books or part of a collection but there was new to me stories in here and a new story written for this coolection. The best deal is by far a reasonable print version of Angelic, a Sub press novella that sold out and is rather pricey on the secondary market.  The plus with this collection is it fills in some holes in the backstory of a few people and shines the story light on a few people that normally don’t always get featured in their own books.  I really enjoyed this and recommend it for fans of the series.

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This short story collection has bit of everything for a Kelley Armstrong reader. Covering her well known series, standalone short stories and new material written for the book the selection certainly entertains the reader.  Several of the stories have appeared in themed anthologies and to have them here without trying to track them all down is a treat since I enjoyed the one for the Clive Barker book but I don’t think I would have bought that collection and would have missed that gem. A great read to get the full flavor of writing and story universes from a very prolific author.

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This collection of stories comes from previously published stuff from her website or small press novellas.  There are two new stories for this collection that bracket the collation.  They are set in series order and that is rather nice.  For the most part you don’t need to know most of the plot or the universe since what is needed for each plot is explained in each story but the more you know the more you do get out of it. The collection is more for fans of the series but someone wanting to get a feel for the universe will get a good taste even if it does ruin most plot points of the overall series.

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It was nice to see a collection of short stories that had more than one or two new stories in it. This one had 4 new stories and 6 reissues but it also had two chapters that had been previously cut from books. The stories are set in chronological order and they let the reader know where each story falls in the series. I had read most of the reprints before but it was nice to reread them in this collection. What I liked about the collection is you got some backstory on several other characters that normally would come up during the course of a book. A good solid collection of stories for someone that enjoys the Mercy Thompson universe.

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I assumed this was going to be a graphic novel of her stories but this is more of short story collection with some illustrations. Dancy Flammarion is a young albino girl hitchhiking in the South following an angel's instructions to kill monsters. The stories are interconnected  but clues within the stories make you wonder is this real or a fantasy. Dark and full of symbolism the writing is lush and expects the reader to keep up with it and doesn't dumb down anything. Not my usual read but I think I will be looking for more in this series of stories.

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This is a collection of previous published novellas and short stories with one brand new story written by her sister using extensive notes on the story idea. Any fan of the Company stories that hadn't wanted to pay for the small press editions of these stories will be very happy to dip back into this story universe. The new story has that same magic as her solo stories and includes Joseph and Lewis in California. It was good and bittersweet at the same time knowing that we were robbed of so many more stories.

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Two out of three of the novellas are from series that she has written. The first story is a stand alone as far as I can tell and I liked it the least. Just something about the plot didn't work for me at all. The second one is the title story and crosses two main characters from separate series. The nice thing is you really don't have to have read either to know what was going on. The third one follows the promotion of Lara as leader of the werewolves and her finding a mate. Light breezy reading but I have to admit the first story almost had me not reading the other two.

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Four short stories all in the the Guild Hunter series. Two of them I had read in other collections so this was a fast read to say the least. The nice thing about this collection of short stories is the reader doesn't have to have a background in the series to enjoy them. It was a good read even if I had read two of the stories all ready. Now if I had bought this instead of borrowing it from the library I might not feel so happy about half of the collection being reprints. 

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