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This is currently an audio only short story that has Peter doing a poltergeist investigation at the British Library. This is a short story so there isn’t much development that happens but the librarian that meets with Peter knew his mother when he was a baby. This is more of a quick peek into the setting and a decent taste of what the story universe is like but it was all over way too quickly.

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This is a short collection of stories that includes four pieces of fiction that have never been in print.  Several of the stories have a humorous bent to them and overall the stories are great.  If you haven’t read his stuff before this is a good starting point or if you prefer shorter fiction. Each story has a small illustration preceding it.

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This is part of Seanan’s Patreon series of stories. You can find the story here and subscribe if you want to read it. https://www.patreon.com/posts/stage-of-fools-5702713

This is a Tybalt story set after Rat Catcher when he is still new to being the King of Cats in London. His sister has returned to court and needs his help.  I won’t say what help is needed but as usual Tybalt is there for the people he cares about.
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This is a story that is free on Seanan’s website but don’t read it unless you are pretty much caught up with the novels because there can be some spoilers in there.  This is the first meeting of Patrick and Dianda and I would love to see more of them than what we get in the series.  But the look at some other people in the story was amazing and just makes me want to go back and read everything again.

A nice gift of the writer to her fans. Go and treat yourself if you are caught up and haven’t read it yet.  http://seananmcguire.com/tobyshorts.php

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This is an illustrated short story that is so well worth it for the art by Collen Doran alone.  It starts with Jack as a young boy wandering the local area and coming across a bridge troll. He escapes with a pledge that he will return for the troll to eat him when he gets older and experience life.  The art in the book really elevates the story. What is a nice story gets even better with the art.

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1) Brazen – Subterranean Press 2013 Nick novella
2) Amityville Horrible – Subterranean Press Jaime/Jeremy novella
3) Chaotic – Hope/Karl novella from Dates from Hell, Hope’s 1st appearance in the series
4) Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word – Zoe short story from Expiration Date
5) Off-Duty Angel – Eve/Kristof story from The Hunter & The Hunted
6) The Puppy Plan – Logan Danvers novella from Gifted
7) Baby Boom – new Paige/Lucas novella

With only one all new piece of fiction this might not be the best buy for hardcore readers of Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld stories. But if you haven’t read the small press novellas or tracked down every anthology her work has been in or bought an electronic only version of a short story then this is a treat. I read most of her stuff and I still get a few new nuggets in this collection. This collection has a varied collection of POV characters and it covers almost all of the supernatural races that her world encompasses. Overall this was a great read and I’m sure at some point there will be another collection since I know there are more small press novellas out there.

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This is a comic version of a short story that was collected in Fragile Things.  The setting is in London with two friends looking for a party one had heard about.  Vic keeps telling Enn that he just needs to talk to a girl and then things will go fine but Enn doesn’t have the confidence that Vic seems to have in spades. They find a party but it isn’t the one they were planning on attending and they stay anyway. And with being at the wrong party things start getting a bit weird when Enn does start talking to girls.

The art works really well with the story and really gives it a nice touch of magic and depth to the plot.  I’m interested in seeing how the movie will add extra meat to the story.

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This is a collection of previously published and new material set in the Newsflesh universe. Most of these are novellas and two of them are brand new with one of them set after the trilogy and feature Shaun and George.  I've read most of the material previously but it was nice to read them all again. What made it nice was there is never the same main character over and over again in the stories. Mahir does show up in several but he is the main POV in only one of them.  If you are a fan, then you are picking this up for the last two stories and I have to say those are worth the price of admission. But I may be a little biased on that since I dearly love these books.  To pick this up cold it would be a good read but would ruin lots of the plot of the trilogy. The stories are mostly written chronologically with the Rise with the exception of "All the Pretty Little Horses" since it is one of the new ones.  The only problem I have with this is now I want so much more out of the universe.

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This is a prequel short story that can be read before or after The Clockwork Dagger.  The story introduces the main character from the first book as a healer with great talents and her teacher that constantly fights with herself over the envy of Octavia’s gift and her disbelief over the younger healer’s faith in the Lady. The story is good and tight and you are not scratching your head wondering what you are missing.

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I like themed anthologies and for the most part they normally work pretty well and this one was no exception. John Joseph Adams always puts together strong collections and this one is no exception. Of course I didn’t like every story but I have to think long and hard if there was a collection that had at least a few stories that didn’t do it for me. Several of the contributing writers wrote stories in a known universe but I think I liked the ones that seemed to be in all new settings.  Several of the writers were new to me and now I’ll have to keep my eyes open for them.  The stories in the collection all deal with war either in a fantasy setting or in a more modern setting but the thread that ties them all together is war with some form of magic use. You get setting going from high fantasy up to modern times but all of them deal with some part of fighting.  I’ll be looking back at this collection when it comes to Jan 2016 to work on my Hugo ballot.

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I have watched very few episodes of the Third Doctor so I can’t tell if this is on or not with his character. The short story has him near the point of regeneration due to radiation poisoning. He arrives in a small village where every day is April 8th and there is a daily parade of everyone in the village. He is found by the Queen and she “heals” him with the only medicine in the village. The Doctor of course twigs that nothing is as it seems here and quickly solves the mystery. In fact, it seemed the story was wrapped up almost too quickly and it is rather wistful.

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This is an collection of short stories done by lots of comic book writers that are Asian. Most of the stories only cover a few pages but several of them pack a wallop in the small amount of space. I hadn't read the other two collections but if they are as good as this one I will have to pick them up as well and give them a read.

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Full title The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains: A Tale of Travel and Darkness with Pictures of All Kinds
by Neil Gaiman, Eddie Campbell

This is more of a novelette crossed with tons on illustrations. It is set in Scotland around the time they are trying to get Bonnie Prince Charles onto the throne since there are hints about giving gold to a king so he can come back. What starts out as a quest for gold turns into revenge tale. Good story and you can read it separate here or read it in the collection it first appeared in 2011 in Stories

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I didn't realize this came out until much later after I read the first book. This does deal with things that happened in the first book but it also doesn't ruin the action that happened there if someone reads this first. I like that this is in the future but due to the Tech wars some things are the same as now and other things are advanced. I also have a soft spot for SF mysteries and it is nice having another series to read. A nice way to hook readers of police mysteries if you know someone out there that reads them.

 Also reviewing the short story in the same series that was digital only.

Rabbit Trick: A Mindspace Investigations Short Story

The story is set before the first book and it is a nice start to the series or a good taste to see if you might be interested in the books without being a large investment in either time or cash. A straightforward mystery to be solved by someone used to using their telepathic powers and are unable to do so for a reason.

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I have to admit I am behind on my Doctor Who watching so I know nothing about Clara and 11 and their backstory.  The TARDIS takes them to a planet that has no name and it looks like no one lives there. Of course there is a reason for this and it is a good story and the Doctor does his usual thing and upsets the apple cart on the planet,  A good read for the fans and a nice way to dip into the series without having to worry about all the back history to try and catch.

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