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I’ve been reading these because I read the author’s Psy-Changeling series. This is currently the last of the series of novellas that follow each band member finding a long term partner. This one focus on Sarah and Abe, who were previously married and Sarah left him due to emotional neglect and drug use. As the previous stories unfolded you see Abe getting clean and realizing what he screwed up with Sarah. There is of course a HEA in this and the author has stated that she might come back to this setting at some point in the future.

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This novella can be read by itself or before or after books 1 and 2.  The story is cute and sweet and the only hurdle between them is Thea doesn’t date clients but David works hard to woo her heart in a way that appeals to her and has her overcome her previous heartbreak and trust issues.

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This couple has lots of issues to overcome in order to ever get together. Kit had her heart stomped by Noah after he felt life their friendship was getting too close for comfort. Noah is a known womanizer in the band.  He never spends more than one night with a woman and never lets them stay the night. Kit hid her hurt from Noah and the rest of the band since they were all friends together before any of them hit the big time.  When Kit goes to an event with Noah as a favor and the gossip rags decide there is something there it looks like it will really help Kit secure a new role in a blockbuster film. So now they have to fake a love relationship for the cameras while trying to see if they can actually work together.  Secrets that Noah has kept from Kit do come out and true loves wins in the end.

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The first in a series of contemporary romances, I read book 2 first and the events in book 1 and 2 overlap but since I knew the couple in this book would be dating it really didn’t ruin the story for me since this was more about how they got together and overcome having a relationship in the spotlight.  This was a fun light read and I picked it up because I read her other series I’ll continue with this series for when I want some nice light reading.

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 I’ve read her paranormal romances but not her regular romance books but after reading a sample on her website I requested to read the review copy of this book.  The setting is in modern day New Zealand with a shy records clerk that gets a sudden promotion to the new CEO’s personal assistant when he finds out the previous one has been dumping all her work on Charlotte.  Gabriel is a former rugby player now hardnosed businessman known for turning around failing companies.   Both are attracted to one another but Charlotte has almost a crippling fear of men due to her past and her current boyfriend falls squarely in the friend category instead of lover.  Gabriel is patient testing and prodding Charlotte to become more active and forthright at work hoping at some point she will become the self assured woman he can see hiding behind meekness.  True love wins in the end and even if this is the second book in the series you don’t have to read the first one to enjoy this one.  I liked this that not every problem with Charlotte’s past was solved with a kiss.  A nice HEA story.

Digital review copy provided by the publisher though NetGalley

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