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2 PM A J Hartley
2:30 PM Patricia Briggs
4 PM Clay and Susan Griffith
5 PM Melissa F Olson

Noon Delilah S Dawson
1 PM Kim Harrison
3 PM Jack Campbell
4 PM Jane Yolen
5 PM Myke Cole
6 PM Cherie Priest

10:30 AM. Jonathan Maberry
11:30 AM Claudia Gray
1 PM C Robert Cargill
2 PM Gail Z Martin
3 PM Faith Hunter
4 PM Scott Sigler
5 PM Fran Wilde

Table Two The Baen Publishing Signings

4 pm Larry Correia
5 pm David Afsharirad
6 pm D.J. Butler

Noon 1632 Signing (Eric Flint, Charles E. Gannon, Griffin Barber, Alistair Kimble)
1 pm David B. Coe
3 pm Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon, Cody Martin
5 pm Black Tide Rising (John Ringo, Gary Poole, Eric Flint, Jody Lynn Nye, Kacey Ezell, Mike Williamson, Christopher Smith, Mike Massa)
6 pm Forged In Blood (Mike Williamson, Larry Correia, Mike Massa, Kacey Ezell, Christopher Smith)

1 pm Les Johnson
2 pm Charles E. Gannon
4 pm Straight Outta Tombstone (David Boop, Larry Correia)
5 pm John Ringo
6 pm Timothy Zahn

10 am David Boop
11 am David B. Coe

1. Do you have to buy a book to get something signed? No, but it sure would be nice if you did.
2. How many can I get signed? Limit 3 items and then back in line please so everyone has a chance.
3. How long will they sign? About an hour
Visit our website sit at www.themissingvolume.com
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Online is back up and running after the move. Still rearranging the books but time to get moving on mail order again. Working on some very cool stuff for Dragoncon.
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And hopefully going forward everything will mirror from now on.
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I'm way late to the moving / mirroring scene. Who knows how much longer lj will last.
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I will be backdating all the 2016 read books as 12/31/16 I have five to do this week.
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We will be closing the online store on December 5th to pack up and relocate to our new home in the Midwest.  We will also be changing our convention schedule.   Please follow us on your favorite flavor of social media to find out when the inventory will go live again to order and what conventions we will be set up and selling books.

Facebook page for the store https://www.facebook.com/missingvolume

Our email list http://groups.yahoo.com/group/missingvolume

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The Sunday 3pm TBA is now announced. It is Patricia Briggs!
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[edited to add more signing info]

Author signings at The Missing Volume
Booth 1301,1303 1400 & 1402 level 1 AmericasMart Building 2
Table one

2 PM                                     Gail Z Martin
4PM                                      David B Coe
5PM                                      Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Noon                                    Richard Kadrey
2:30 PM                               Faith Hunter
3:30 PM                               Cherie Priest
4:30 PM                               Todd Lockwood
5:30 PM                               Kevin Hearne
10 AM                                   Lou Anders
11 AM                                   Myke Cole
2 PM                                     Robert J Sawyer
3 PM                                     Patricia Briggs
4 PM                                     Clay and Susan Griffith
5 PM                                     Fran Wilde
6 PM                                     Cinda Williams Chima

Table Two The Baen Publishing Signings

2PM                       Sonia Orin Lyris
3PM                       John Ringo
4PM                       Charles E. Gannon
11:30 AM               Black Tide Signing. (John Ringo, Jody Lynn Nye, Michael Z. Williamson, Eric Flint, Kacey Ezell, Gary Poole, Tedd Roberts, Mike Massa & Chris Smith)
1PM                       Timothy Zahn
5:30PM                  David B. Coe
1PM                       1632 signing. (Eric Flint, Charles E. Gannon, & artist Tom Kidd)
2PM                       David Asharirad & Esther Friesner
4PM                       Michael Z. Williamson & Mark L. Van Name
10AM                    Eric Flint
11AM                    Tony Daniel & Dan dos Santos
Noon                     Timothy Zahn
1 PM                     Sonia Orin Lyris
2 PM                     Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon

1.       Do you have to buy a book to get something signed? No, but it sure would be nice if you did.
2.       How many can I get signed? Limit 3 items and then back in line please so everyone has a chance.
3.       How long will they sign? About an hour
Visit our website sit at www.themissingvolume.com
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This weekend I will be in Baltimore for the 50th year of Balticon. There is an amazing list of returning GOH so check it out. I'll be in the dealers room so if you are there come and find me.

Next weekend I will be in Charlotte for ConCarolinas. Their GOH is Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.


Mar. 23rd, 2016 06:14 pm
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Just edited a post to finally add the review to it.  Big hint I really loved this novella. http://missingvolume.livejournal.com/317031.html
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I decided to do a bit more in-depth number crunching on the past year of reading.  Feel free to skip if you are not interested in numbers.

I read 115 books, this is down from the last few years and in fact I didn’t hit my goal of 125 books read. Sort of bummed about that but I didn’t fudge my goal number to get the virtual cookie from Goodreads.   About 68% of the books I read were review copies of some type with almost half of them coming from NetGalley.  Breakdown goes 54 books from NetGalley, 22 that I bought to read, 17 from Edelweiss, 14 from the local library and 8 direct from the publisher.  Granted some of the books I got as review copies I might later buy a personal copy of something I first read as a review since almost every review copy I read was in a digital format.

Breakdown by subject has 64 fantasy books, 23 graphic novels, 16 science fiction, 6 fiction books and 6 nonfiction books.  I didn’t bother to do separate numbers for the YA books since I didn’t read that many this year.  For a M/F ratio I had 71 female writers to 33 male writers. I’m not counting books that had both male and female cowriters or if it was anthology.  And at least one I read is listed a woman but I know it is a husband and wife writing together.  I read 21 novellas but a few were repeats for me since they were in a single author collection, but still not bad on the novella front.  I also reviewed a short story this year but only did one since it was separate and I actually had that sent to me to review.

Overall I think I want to start reading more of my TBR pile this year since that is getting a bit out of control. And of course I will try and read more than I did last year. I had several weeks that I didn’t read at all and that caused me to not hit my personal goal. Onwards to 2016 and start writing the reviews that are already backed up again. 
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This weekend I am in New Orleans set up in the dealer's room. If you are here, stop by and say hello and maybe buy some books, 
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I'll be posting them out of order. I need to get some new book stuff up and I'm 9 books behind writing reviews.
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We are having quite a few writers at our two signing tables. we are located at booth 1301, 1303, 1400,1402 in the Americasmart. We can't wait to see everyone there.

Table one signings
2:30 PM                                John G. Hartness
6PM                                       Chuck Wendig
Noon                                     Clay and Susan Griffith
1PM                                       Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
2 PM                                      Gail Z. Martin
3PM                                       Jack Campbell
4 PM                                      Faith Hunter
6 PM                                      Myke Cole
11AM                                    Jonathan Maberry
1 PM                                     Carrie Vaughn
2 PM                                      Cherie Priest
3 PM                                      Cinda Williams Chima
6 PM                                      Lou Anders
Noon                                     Gail Z. Martin

Table two signings

1PM       Chuck Gannon
4PM       Eric Flint
5PM       Les Johnson
Noon     Mercedes Lackey
1PM       Tim Zahn
2PM       Eric Flint, Chuck Gannon and Walter Hunt
4PM       Esther Friesner
5:30PM Jody Lynn Nye
3PM       Larry Corriea
4PM       Mike Williamson
5PM       John Ringo
6PM       David Coe
10AM    Eric Flint
11AM    Les Johnson
Noon     Mercedes Lackey
1PM       Larry Corriea
2PM       John Ringo
3PM       David Coe

1.       Do you have to buy a book to get something signed? No, but it sure would be nice if you did.
2.       How many can I get signed? Limit 3 items and then back in line please so everyone has a chance.
3.       How long will they sign? About an hour
                          Visit our website sit at www.themissingvolume.com
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I have almost all the badges they give except one.

Challenge Participant

Reviews Published


Professional Reader

I missing the Frequently Auto-Approved badge but I'm half way to that. I was almost there but one of the publishers that had me on Auto Approval status dropped out of NetGalley. Sorta fun to track. Just more metrics for me to look at and see how well I'm somehow doing a non paying job.
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If you work on a convention and would like me to include flyers with my orders for your convention, go ahead and mail me some to the address on the website.

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I'll be vending at ConCarolinas this weekend in Charlotte, NC with GOH John Scalzi.  http://www.concarolinas.org/
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My truck is packed and ready to go for this weekend's show. I'll be at Balticon in Hunt Valley, MD with GOH Jo Walton. If there is some book off the website you would like me to bring you have until Thursday afternoon to let me know. Stop by and say hello if you are attending. 
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Looking at my numbers by my tags it seems that 60% of my reading last year was review copies and 30% were copies I got from my local library. Of course some of these I went and bought personal copies of my own but not all of them. I increased over the last year of review copies read and I think I might try and back down a bit from that just so I can hit more of my TBR pile. I say this and then something interesting gets listed and I try it out.  Once again I read most of the Hugo ballot and will try again in the coming year.  I’m keeping my reading goal at 125 and I should be able to do this since even though I hit 133 for 2014 there were the usual slim kid books in the pile. Helping out to hit the goal was ripping through 13 books in a series [Thanks local library] and reading 30 graphic novels of various series and types. As usual my reading tastes favored fantasy again as much as I like Science Fiction I think I will always lean more to the fantasy side of the reading buffet. Not to say I didn’t read any nonfiction but I only read a few and it will stay that way since I only get things that interest me or are by writers I already know. 
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I'll be at Honorcon in Raleigh, NC with GOH David Weber and Timothy Zahn. www.honorcon.org. It is the last convention of the year for me so if you are attending stop by and say hello. 

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