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I had heard lots of good things about this book when it first came out but wasn’t sucked in by the book description. I did pick this up to read for the Hugo ballot since it is up for best novel.  Maia has been tucked away and mostly forgotten the youngest son of the elven Emperor born.  He has been tucked away far from court since the death of his mother, the third wife of the Emperor and is half goblin. He is awoken one night to find out his father and three older full elven brothers have died in a dirigible accident.  Completely unprepared for court life and trusting no one not even his guardian the book covers his coming to power and trying to find his way in the politics of court and family.  The book ends on a happy note and there are no battles or wars to be fought, just mostly court intrigue and finding out who killed his family.  This is a coming of age novel but has our hero at the top of the food chain and uses politics instead of battles to chart his progress.  An enjoyable read and I would like to see more in this setting even if it doesn’t follow Maia

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I was curious about this comic and since it came in the Hugo voter packet it was a good time to read it.  Unfortunately the scan in the voter packet ruined any text except for the balloon speech so I had to check out a print edition from the library.  This arc is mostly an origins story for Ms Marvel, Kamala is a typical teen girl testing the limits of her religious family upbringing. She sneaks out one night and is enveloped in a fog that transforms her into one of her favorite superheroes. There is a learning curve for Kamala since she needs to control the power of transformation she has and use it to fight crime.  A nice start and I’ll pick up the next collection to see where it goes.

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