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This YA novel is set in a near future economically depressed Atlanta where demons are constantly attacking people and property. The guild of demon trappers works with the Vatican demon hunters to eraidicate them. Riley wants to be a trapper like her dad and is currently his apprentice. Things go wrong at the start of the book when the demons start working in tandem something that has never been seen before. Becasue of this behavior Riley's father dies while working with his journyman hunter, Beck.

I liked this because the setting seemed realistic and Riley doesn't have some magic skill to hunt demons just weapons, a few magic globes and holy Water. The book doesn't end on a cliffhanger but you know there will be more in the series due to not all questions being answered by the end of the book. I'll be looking to the next one.

I do have to note that I do know the author having spoke to her over the years at various SF conventions. And that I won this ARC from the Goodreads first reads program.   

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I got this from a review program on Goodreads and I have to admit I would have bought the book even without being given the book to review. This is a great companion book to read after  Kitchen Confidential since there is a chapter that deals with people that get mentioned in the book and the some of the fallout from the book.  One of my favorite chapters in the book deals with very short descriptions of food that he has come across during his travels with his TV show. Every paragraph just makes you want to go and try the dish he is describing in such loving detail.  Bourdain shows himself warts and all and certainly hasn't glossed over his mistakes in his life in this book.  A great read for fans of his show or fans of food books. 


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