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This is part of Seanan’s Patreon series of stories. You can find the story here and subscribe if you want to read it. https://www.patreon.com/posts/stage-of-fools-5702713

This is a Tybalt story set after Rat Catcher when he is still new to being the King of Cats in London. His sister has returned to court and needs his help.  I won’t say what help is needed but as usual Tybalt is there for the people he cares about.
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This is part of Seanan’s Patreon series of stories. You can find the story here and subscribe if you want to read it. https://www.patreon.com/posts/in-little-stars-6453115

This story covers the time frame when the Kingdom in the Mists was new and King Gilad was just a prince. I liked it because you find out more about him than just a data point of he is the father of the current Queen and he died during the earthquake. It also give you more of a background of the kingdoms and how things are not so great now that Oberon has left the building.
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This ebook only is set in the Soulless universe and you do get to see Lord and Lady Maccon but it mostly deals with Genevieve living with the Woolsey Hive and possibly falling in love with a house maid.  There is quite a bit of class protocol in the story that sets up the problems for the possible couple to overcome.  Overall it is a sweet love story and a nice dip into the Soulless universe and I was glad to get my hands on it.

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This is a story that is free on Seanan’s website but don’t read it unless you are pretty much caught up with the novels because there can be some spoilers in there.  This is the first meeting of Patrick and Dianda and I would love to see more of them than what we get in the series.  But the look at some other people in the story was amazing and just makes me want to go back and read everything again.

A nice gift of the writer to her fans. Go and treat yourself if you are caught up and haven’t read it yet.  http://seananmcguire.com/tobyshorts.php

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A woman is summoned by magic and the death of a bull. She doesn’t know who she is but she is bound by magic to go on a quest for a group of people. They will give her no information about herself in order to protect her from unknown to her dangers on the quest. This novella is great read.  Our protagonist slowly discovers her lost memories as the story unfolds and gets herself back in the end.  I’ll be looking for more of these stories when they come out.

Digital review copy provided by the publisher through NetGalley

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Don’t read this novelette until you have read Chimes at Midnight.  It would spoil that book for you. The story is from Quentin’s POV and it is great. His parents get to meet Toby and Tybalt and find out that Quentin hasn’t always told them everything in his letters home.  And a decision is made about his blind fostering since now people know who he is and should he be brought back home or stay as Toby’s squire.

I love the stories that she has put up on her website and this one was the first that Daw has published instead of it being self-published and I hope there will be more.

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This is a first in a series of novellas that deal with minor characters from her three series. Lady Preshea Villentia, a Finishing school graduate has buried four husbands and in the process secured a title for herself thanks to her fourth husband and the society title of the Mourning Star.  Of course no one can pin any of the deaths on her but people do gossip. Her current assignment is twofold, the Duke wants her to break up a love match between his daughter and a broke beau and her main assignment that the Duke doesn’t know is to keep him alive and foil an assassination attempt. What Preshea isn’t expecting to find is a romantic entanglement of the kind she has never had before.

What I liked about this was for the most part it works well by itself. You don’t need to know the entire backstory of the other books but it does add some color to this world. This has more of a romance feel to the storyline so some readers may not care for it but I liked it. I’m looking forward to more of these novellas.

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This standalone reads as part of a series but it isn’t.  The local librarian is hunting down demons that are chowing down on some kids.  With no training other than kickboxing and the magic from books she found in a secret room in the basement of her local library she is doing a decent job of hunting them down that it attracts the attention of the Order.  The duo from the Order come looking for the magic user and find out what is going on in town.  Lots of personality clashes and fights with the demons trying to take over her town.  Lots of chemistry between the leads and also lots of culture clashing since Orion is part demon and he is fighting part of his natural responses to her.  A fun quick light read and I wish there was more to the universe.

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This novella is set in the same world as the Kate Daniels books but Kate and Curran only have a cameo appearance in the story but it is set after the most recent book. The main focus is on Derek and Julie. I liked this since there was more focus on Julie and her powers and how that will work into the future stories set in this world. The story is a revenge story that quickly veers into something that will damage the city.  What I did like was there was enough background salted in that a new reader could get up to speed on what was going on without leaving the reader feeling like they were reading nothing but info dumps.

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I ignored this when it was a online serial since I knew the slow drips of the story would drive me up the wall. I enjoyed the first book and was pretty happy they continued the series.  Dina is still struggling with the inn and missing Sean. An Arbitrator arrives offering her a very sweet deal if she will allow the inn to be grounds for working on a peace treaty between 3 factions.  The inn needs visitors to survive so she agrees even when it looks to be an impossible task. The plus side is two of the factions are led by someone she knows but it doesn’t help the negotiations.  Dina has a lot of work on her hands keeping everyone from killing each other and also keeping the neighborhood cop from finally finding out just what is going on inside her B&B.

While not necessary to have read the first book it does give more depth to the story. I’ll be looking out for the third book if they decide to do more.

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This is a novella set in the Newsflesh series but needs to be read after all the books otherwise there are too many spoilers.  The story focuses on Dr Abbey and an attack on her lab. Of course she is also constantly dealing with spies from the CDC and that is brought up in the story. A good solid read but you must have read the other books first to get the best out of the story otherwise the surprise at the end will not make that much sense.

An ebook original

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This post trilogy novella is not one to pick up since it gives away some of the plot twists in book three.  Mahir travels to Australia to meet some of his employees while they show him a possible story at the rabbit proof fence. Now the fence is used to keep zombie kangaroos away from major population centers. The thing I liked about this wasn’t so much the story but how the Australians cope with the Rising and how travel has changed so much as well. A fun story but not one for someone new to the universe to read.

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I didn't realize this came out until much later after I read the first book. This does deal with things that happened in the first book but it also doesn't ruin the action that happened there if someone reads this first. I like that this is in the future but due to the Tech wars some things are the same as now and other things are advanced. I also have a soft spot for SF mysteries and it is nice having another series to read. A nice way to hook readers of police mysteries if you know someone out there that reads them.

 Also reviewing the short story in the same series that was digital only.

Rabbit Trick: A Mindspace Investigations Short Story

The story is set before the first book and it is a nice start to the series or a good taste to see if you might be interested in the books without being a large investment in either time or cash. A straightforward mystery to be solved by someone used to using their telepathic powers and are unable to do so for a reason.

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This is the first time I actually asked a writer for a copy of a book to read/review. I follow Ilona Andrews on twitter and when she asked if reviewers wanted a copy to read I decided to ask for one. The premise caught my eye since it was about an innkeeper that reminded me of the Tanya Huff series that I wanted to give this a try since there haven't been any more in that series.

The book was an online serial but I hadn't read it in that form.  The premise is there are inns that are neutral grounds for all sorts of travelers including from other worlds. Dina is the child of innkeepers that have disappeared along with their inn.  Dina has in turn become a innkeeper to help her search and she is in charge of a long dormant inn. She currently has one guest that has paid for a lifetime stay. There is something in her neighborhood that is slaughtering the dogs and she confronts one of the new neighbors and tells him he needs to do something about it. It seems that Sean the new neighbor is a werewolf, not that anyone else knows he is one. Sorta working together to deal with the problem also brings more guests to her door and in the search for help she goes to another innkeeper and also to a off world marketplace. Both give you details on the world without the info dumps that you sometimes find. There is good humor in the book and I will be looking for the next one in the series.

currently the book is only available in digital format but I'm told there will be a print edition of this at some point. The only question is will the print keep the character illustrations that are currently in the ebook or will they get set aside.

Digital review copy sent to me by the author.

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This was a online only serial story done by Amazon.  I have now decided that waiting two weeks for each section of the story to come to me drove me nuts. I stepped away from reading this until the entire book was done. This is a urban fantasy with lots of fairy tales in it. A group of people are fighting to stop other people from becoming living fairy tales, because no one wants to sleep for 100 years and certainly you don't want most of a town to fall asleep with them and starve to death. The active agents are mostly people that had their "fairy tale" fate subverted or changed. The setting was interesting and the story enjoyable. I would like to see more in this setting at some point but the nice thing is there was a firm ending to the story. No cliffhanger ending to tease the reader.  Not sure if this will come out in paper or not but the current price is more than reasonable.

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