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This is a tiny jewel of a book on sushi. The photography is lovely but I seriously doubt I will ever get to eat at the restaurant it is for.  With each fish listed Jiro lets you know what time of year he serves it and why.  There are some tips on eating sushi at the end of the book along with information about how to get a reservation at his restaurant. The book almost seems to be geared as a book to get as a gift for eating at the restaurant instead of trying to take pictures of every serving of fish.

I was surprised that some of the fish is aged to bring out the best in it. Each fish almost has a certain way of being treated to showcase the best flavors.  This is a really lovely gift book for the foodie on your shopping list.

Digital review copy provided by the publisher through Edelweiss.

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If you have watched any of his shows then you will be hearing him in your head while you read and use this cookbook. I liked how the recipes are set up with some having hints and tips before the actual measurements and some after. It feels more like a friend telling you how to do things instead of just measurements and directions with the pictures.  There are lots of great photos in the book and not just the typical food shots you would expect to find. But I have to say the last photo in the book made me laugh at loud.  I’ll try out a few of these recipes but I think a few I would have to try while going out to eat before I attempted it at home.

Overall a great book and I can’t wait to get my hands on a physical copy of the book.

Digital review copy provided by the publisher through Edelweiss.

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If you love tea and like cooking then this is the cookbook for you.  The recipes are broken down into time of day you would eat the food. Every recipe has a tea component that most of the time needs to be made before you can start prepping the food.   I didn’t make any of the recipes in the book but I was tempted as I was reading it. There is good info in here about water temperatures to brew certain types of tea without making them bitter.  A lovely gift book for someone that likes cooking and has a passion for tea.

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If for some reason you find yourself in possession of a large amount of eggs then this just might give you some ideas with what to do with it. Each chapter deals with a different way to make the eggs, some sections are recipes for only part of the egg and some with white and yolk used separately. The book is also photo heavy to show each step of the prep. Is this the cookbook to keep forever and ever? No I don’t think so but it is a good one to check out for pointers and ideas.

One of the things I love about my local library is checking out cookbooks and seeing what will work for me.  And it has lead me to buy a few cookbooks that I knew would work for me.

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Straight up this had to be the most scientifically detailed cookbook I have ever read. This goes down to the molecular level of the why and how umami reacts with our tastebuds along with giving detailed recipes on how to make your own. This is not a cookbook for someone just wanting a new selection of recipes to try but more for some one who is very comfortable in the kitchen and access to some more interesting ingredients.

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I thought I should check this out since I need to cook more instead of doing frozen when hubby is out of town so much. There were things I liked and disliked about the book. The good things were day 2 and day 3  recipes to handle the leftovers. The down side was several recipes were things that were more labor intensive than I wanted or used foods that I wouldn't normally buy. But hands down I think having soup recipes for one was the neatest thing in the book.  I'm on the fence about getting my own copy, I might have to check it out again and actually use some of the recipes instead of just reading it. 

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This book was made available to me through NetGalley.

The worst part of this book was I was stuck on an airplane and my mouth was watering the entire time. Some of the recipes in here are not going appeal to everyone but the book also serves as a lovely biography of Hubert Keller.  I enjoyed learning things about food and life in France and got a giggle out of some of the things that are described in the book.  I have to admit I will never look at peeling eggs again after he describes how they did it on a cruise ship.   I wouldn't recommend the book to someone who is looking for a well rounded French cookbook but I certainly would suggest it to anyone that does like French cooking. 

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