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This weekend I will be in Baltimore for the 50th year of Balticon. There is an amazing list of returning GOH so check it out. I'll be in the dealers room so if you are there come and find me.

Next weekend I will be in Charlotte for ConCarolinas. Their GOH is Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.
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This weekend I am in New Orleans set up in the dealer's room. If you are here, stop by and say hello and maybe buy some books, 
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Prepping for Congregate in High Point, NC this weekend with Tim Zahn and Michael Stackpole as GOH. Let me know by tomorrow if there is something from the website you want me to bring to the convention. 
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Gearing up for LibertyCon in Chattanooga TN this weekend. Let me know if there is something in inventory you want me to bring. GOH is David Weber.
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If you work on a convention and would like me to include flyers with my orders for your convention, go ahead and mail me some to the address on the website.

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I'll be vending at ConCarolinas this weekend in Charlotte, NC with GOH John Scalzi.  http://www.concarolinas.org/
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My truck is packed and ready to go for this weekend's show. I'll be at Balticon in Hunt Valley, MD with GOH Jo Walton. If there is some book off the website you would like me to bring you have until Thursday afternoon to let me know. Stop by and say hello if you are attending. 
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This weekend I will be set up at Illogicon in Raleigh, NC with GOH Jaqueline Carey. If you are attending stop by and shop for a while. 

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