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I am old enough to have read Bloom County when it was still being printed in the paper.  When it showed up on Facebook one day as a reboot I was thrilled.  What I didn’t like was I didn’t always see it thanks to how Facebook works. So needless to say I was glad when the printed version of the strips was announced.  The introduction was great and it explained a bit about why the stopped doing the comic. But what I liked about this collection wasn’t just the intro but that he put fans comments about the series in the book and the love that people have for the series really shines through.

This isn’t a huge collection but it does give people an alternative to scouring the web for all the strips. That we are going into an election and several of the strips are about Opus and Bill’s run I think it was smart to get this out before November.

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This is a collection of strips from Diesel Sweets, 8 bit art in four panels for the most part.  The theme of the collection is bacon and coffee. This would make a great gift for the people in your life that worship those items. The downside is really that is all the collection is about, bacon and coffee. So you are missing background about the characters. It was cute but after a while the book felt a bit one note. Not sure if I would grab another one off the shelf or not.

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This is for someone who is a fan of the Fables series. I've enjoyed the comic series and some of the spin offs and this was a great index to all the characters that have been brought to life in the pages of the comic. You find out which ones came whole cloth out of the writer's mind and what was based off of a fairy tale. As I was reading this I could see someone using it for writing a paper on fairy tales and needing a good cross reference for some of the lesser known characters. The short asides from the creator and artists that are dropped throughout the book were fun to read and there are some hints about what might show up in future issues.

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Don't know what to get the person on your list that likes cats? Get this, it is cute and will bring a smile to anyone's face that has ever had a cat. Based on a web cartoon but not necessary to have any prior knowledge to enjoy this book. Cute pastel colors and a rotund gray cat that is nothing like Garfield, how can you go wrong.

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This is a collection of manga that I decided to give a shot since this was volume 1. Kaya works hard to disguise her babyface to be taken seriously at work and be able to take care of her mother. She gets a promotion working for a director that has unusual work habits and a steady train of women in his office. This is several issues bound together and the downside is there is a constant recap with every new issue. Kaya works hard to find out what are her bosses limitations and in turn wants to become indispensable to him. By the end of this volume she has accomplished it even if it isn't in the way she expected. Not my cup of tea since I didn't care for the characters or the plot but the at was nice and the asides the creator has in the beginning of each episode.

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This is the first 6 issues of the comic are collected in this volume and it covers the birth and escape from the planet of the family on the run from almost everyone. Two soldiers fall in love, one guarding the other at a POW camp and they have baby. Now both sides want them and the baby as well. Bounty hunters are on their trail and this volume does as much as it can to show you all the different aliens in this universe fighting this war by proxy By the end of this story arc they are off planet and have acquired allies. The only thing the reader is left in the dark is  the real reason why it is so important that the two of them are killed and the baby found and returned.  An enjoyable collection but no real resolution to the story since this seems to be an ongoing comic.

I read this a part of the Hugo voter packet and now I have a new title to follow. Still need to read the rest of the stuff before I decide which way to vote.

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 Woo hoo for stand alone fantasy. I like stand alone books so many times there is a series out and you feel overwhelmed by all the books you have to read to catch up. Well as far as I can tell this is the only one and boy is is a fun read. If you like comics and superheros then the setting will be familiar except the heroine of the story is not a hero but a child of two heroes of the city she lives in and the consequences of her teen rebellion against her parents. I really liked how the story unfolded and the ending. 

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This is a stand alone in the Fable universe and you can read this without having to read any back history. It is a recreation of the Arabian tale with Snow White as the storyteller. The nice thing is it gives backstory on Snow White and puts a dark spin on her tale.
Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall (Hardcover) by Bill Willingham Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall

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I'm doing a large single post for the Fables comic series since I read them one right after another. I will do a separate one for an out of sequence book that is a good peek at the series without having read anything before. I read books 1-11 and I am waiting on book 12 from the library.  The premise is most storybook and fable characters are real and living in NY for the most part. The human looking ones in NYC and the animal and monster ones in a farm in upstate NY.  They are in exile from the Adversary, a fable who's real identity is revealed  about halfway through the series. I like how people do die in the series and minor characters turn up to have some importance later on and big characters in the beginning do fade into the background even as a few people stay constant through the run. I really enjoyed the the overall arc and I have to admit I waited to read them instead of trying to read them when they first came out.
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I liked how Volume 2 took the Martian Chronicles and mixed it with Alan Moore's universe. I was sad to see there wasn't much done with John Carter except as a cameo in the beginning. Of course there is betrayal and love in this issue. I did like it a bit better than The Black Dossier. The setting for it was a sorta post 1984 in the 1950's and had James Bond as a villain. I just didn't warm to the heros in this one like I had to in the previous 2 volumes.
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I really got this to see if the art was going to have gotten any better. And it really hadn't since First Death. I'm not going to be reading any more of these since it is apparent to me that the art will not change and the comic retelling of the story just isn't doing it for me.
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This is a graphic novel that is set before the events in Guilty Pleasures. The art really drove me up the wall. The story was ok and it was nice to see Manny as her teacher before things fell apart with them. I wouldn't recommend this unless you are a hardcore fan.
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This is a graphic novel that covers time before the first book. It is just Dresden solving a case for Chicago's finest without anything from the wizard council or the Fey. It gives a good taste of how the books are and introduces new readers to both Bob and Murphy without confusing the readers.

I think I might get more graphic novels to read in 2009. I kind of missed reading them.

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