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My library was offering several short stories as audio books so I gave it a try.

I read a lot of Seanan’s McGuire’s stuff and I wasn’t disappointed in this at all. It is a standalone story and give a good sense of what makes a great writer. The story covers a teen girl whose mother is a real mermaid with the carnival she travels with. As the story unfolds you find out that this is the only life she has ever known and everyone is family. But they have returned to a town they haven’t been to in 17 years and some people have a long memory. A good buildup and a bittersweet ending to this story.

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This is currently an audio only short story that has Peter doing a poltergeist investigation at the British Library. This is a short story so there isn’t much development that happens but the librarian that meets with Peter knew his mother when he was a baby. This is more of a quick peek into the setting and a decent taste of what the story universe is like but it was all over way too quickly.

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I continued the chain of only listening to these in audio format.  This case is trying to solve the mystery of a jewelry theft that left a Hollywood star dead.  Turns out the theft wasn’t supposed to end in murder but there was something wrong with the case.  And to add to the workload for Zach and Kylie they are having to bust a theft ring hitting hospitals of high quality equipment.  The second case they need to work quietly and the murder case has to be solved ASAP.  To add some tension to the duo Kylie’s husband is missing from rehab and she is trying everything she can to find him.  This puts pressure on Zach and Cheryl’s relationship as well.
A fun entertaining read that I didn’t need to pay that much attention to in audio format as I did other things.

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This book covers a kidnapping of an investment banker’s son. The grandfather is also a friend of the new mayor so NYPD Red is brought in and told to find the kid. But the dad keeps telling everyone that the son isn’t kidnapped only out of town.  Of course this kidnapping isn’t what it appears to be and the fast pace solving of the case goes into overdrive to find out just who has taken Tripp and murdered his father’s driver. A fast fun light read that is entertaining.

This was also an audo book and I think I'll keep the trend going with the fourth book when it hits my  local library.

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A serial killer catches the attention of the NYPD Red group when the latest victim turns out to be a wealthy woman with political connections to the mayoral race. There is more than usual pressure from the Mayor’s office to solve the crime before election day so he doesn’t lose his job. There are of course the stumbling blocks and once this case is solved an old murder case is cleared as well. It seems that the killers are selecting victims that have gotten away with their crimes. But not all their victims are always guilty.  Another fun race against the clock sole the murder and catch the bad guys.

Once again I listened to this on audio in a fairly short amount of time and it was entertaining. I grabbed the third book on audio from the library to continue in that format.

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Normally I don’t pick up books on audio unless I have read them before since I usually listen to them when I’m driving and I don’t want to get sucked into the story so much I become a bad driver.  I had listened to a sample of book 3 in the series and it sounded interesting enough that I decided to check it out from the library.

The story was entertaining police procedural with an elite squad that works on cases that involve the movers and shakers of New York. Zack’s regular partner is injured and he gets a replacement of someone new to the squad but not new to him.  Kylie is Zack’s former girlfriend who is now happily married to a TV producer. They are on the trail of a killer that is targeting showbiz professionals in town. Kylie’s contacts help open doors and give the team an edge in hunting down the killer.

 A fast fun entertaining read and I quickly picked up the next one to listen to as I worked on the computer.

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I listened to the audio of this. The audio has a large cast and the author only reads things characters are not saying in the story. It doesn't suffer from being the middle book in a series at all. I was lucky to have a friend bring me up to speed since I read the first book when it came out over 10 years ago. Now the real decision is do I listen to the third book on audio or read it instead.

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