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Omg! I read it one sitting and all I know is I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more.

Also review being held until two weeks prior to publication per publisher request.

Wildfire starts right after the previous book with Rogan’s former fiancée showing up and asking Nevada for help to find her missing Prime husband. No one else will help her since he is known to disappear for short periods of time when stressed. Nevada quickly finds out that he has been kidnapped and as she is working this case she is filing paperwork to become her own house to stay one step ahead of her paternal grandmother who wants her badly for her house.
By the end of the book you find out about her sister’s powers and why her father ran from his mother. The ending of the book written in such a way that there can be more books and you are left with wanting more stories set in this universe.

Digital review copy provided by the publisher through Edelweiss

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