May. 9th, 2017

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There is something about stories set between novels that are really nice. You know that no one is going to die since you have read further along in the series and know who is still living. This is a novella that has Peter tracking down ghost reports on the Tube with help from Jaget who now is now in charge of anything weird on the London Underground. The plus with this being a smaller story we do get more of Abigail and it really looks like in this story that as she grows up she will be working for the Folly as well.

The story is good and the nice thing is there isn’t a lot of actual magic in the story that hasn’t been seen before performed by anyone. What does seem to do the trick for this one is a nice combo of police legwork with the magic helping it out with the ghosts.

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This is currently an audio only short story that has Peter doing a poltergeist investigation at the British Library. This is a short story so there isn’t much development that happens but the librarian that meets with Peter knew his mother when he was a baby. This is more of a quick peek into the setting and a decent taste of what the story universe is like but it was all over way too quickly.

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Set after the main line Fables stories have ended several fables are still here and working for an agency trying to protect the world from the new magic. Connor Wolf is now grown and after a quick cameo by his parents he goes to work for the new agency. Sent out with the team on a mission on his first day with no team training he uses his initiative when things don’t go to plan. The good news is this works and they uncover the group that is stealing the objects and what they want them for.

After reading the first arc and a one-shot story added in this volume it left me cold. Yes, there was interesting stuff seeded into the plot that you know will come out later on down the story line but for the most part I don’t feel that motivated to read any more of them. Maybe I’ll change my mind if other people I know are reading it and loving it I might give it another shot.

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