Jan. 29th, 2017

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This anthology has a cool theme.  Not quite villains not quite heroes but certainly fitting the anti hero mode.  The nice thing about the collection you get a look at several side characters in well-established story universes that certainly deserve a turn in the spotlight.  Overall the collection was well worth the price of admission. I was originally excited about new Butcher and McGuire but I think the one story I read that made me miss reading more in the universe was the Tanya Huff Vicki Nelson story.  Overall the collection has given me some new series to track down and read and I think that is the best thing that can come out of these themed anthologies.


missingvolume: (books cats)
Each chapter in this book covers a different photographer but what they all have in common is a respect for the pinup style.  A few of the shots certainly reminded me of original 50’s shots. Several had great props to enhance the setting.  If you like cheesecake and pinup style art this is a good book to add to your collection. It is certainly one I’ll have to pick up to stock in the store.

Digital review copy provided by the publisher through Edelweiss

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